How about Amazon’s hot-selling explosive weighted blanket?

10 Apr by debenhams

How about Amazon’s hot-selling explosive weighted blanket?

Is it a scam?

Presumably, many friends who have insomnia will also think about it.What about insomnia? Counting sheep? Milk? Essential oils? Sleeping pills with side effects? No. A variety of hypnosis methods are used, but they are not effective. So you need a weighted blanket sale shop.

Gravity Blanket

This gravity blanket is still very good overall, and it is very comfortable to cover. This is a weight of 7 kg (14 kg), which is indeed much heavier than the usual quilt, but there is no feeling of oppression. Covered is also very warm, this season is just right.

The workmanship is very fine, and the interior is filled with high-density plastic pellets. This 15 lb weighted blanket amazon will give you a comfortable pressure to adjust according to your sleeping position preferences, like a kind of comfort. A fairy who likes a cloud-like soft quilt may not be used to this kind of gravity at first, and the little brother should be able to adapt and fall in love with it very quickly.

What kind of magic does the Gravity “gravity blanket” have? Let’s take a look~

The value of the age is the era of justice. It will not lose wherever it goes, but it is refined in detail. Many people can’t help but glance at it immediately.

The “weighted blanket” became popular overnight, with a worldwide sales of $4.73 million and a crowdfunding completion rate of 17,991%. This soft and heavy blanket can alleviate problems such as lack of sleep, stress, and anxiety. People should forget all high-tech sleep wearables, just bury themselves under this magical.

Weighted blanket are well known in the medical community and have been used as natural stress relieving agents.

How about the weighted blanket ? Is it a scam?Research on the use of
weighted blankets to improve sleep and reduce stress has been around for some time and has been scientifically certified.

For the acupoint structure of human skin, an advanced proprioceptive input method is adopted. This is a highly regarded therapy that stimulates every relevant stress point on the body to improve sleep, improve mood and relax weighted blankets anxiety. The exterior of the blanket is made of ultra-soft micro-fluff, which is easy to clean and the inner shell of the blanket is made of 100% cotton. No hair loss or static electricity will occur.

To reduce stress and relieve anxiety, the effect of the weighted blanket is to reduce cortisol levels and increase serotonin production, thereby reducing heart rate and blood pressure. Compared with the direct locking of the weighted blanket, the simple assembly line process sometimes encounters insufficient size, while the weighted blanket adopts high-precision edging design, which is stylish and elegant. It also uses natural environmentally-friendly materials to print and dye without fading, while the inner lining is filled with a heavy material and firmly sewed into the lining to avoid slippage. Its fill material is stitched into irregular grid squares to ensure integrity, and weighted blanket cover is not displaced by the body movement.

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