The Nazi Eagle on The Teenagers Jerseys. The Dirty Game of The Boy London

1 Dec by debenhams

The Nazi Eagle on The Teenagers Jerseys. The Dirty Game of The Boy London

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Terribly fashion and perfectly suited to your tastes, the Boy London garment will complement your dress by infusing a wind of madness. Boy London UK, Womens t-shirts & vests | long sleeve t-shirts & camis. BOY London’s trademark attitude saw the label adopted by the underground. Boy London Store online serves you on a platter a range of Boy London clothing that can only find thanks to your eyes. With a cult following, it returned in 2007 with its signature rebellious aesthetic printed across leggings, T-shirts and vests. Comfortable and superbly cut, Boy London Sale UK, the Boy London garments will most certainly meet all your expectations and give you a lot of compliments.

“Dear Lifesaver, today they have donated to my daughter old a jersey of a brand widespread among the young, Boy London, which reproduces symbols very similar to those used by the Nazis. “I am indignant and disheartened.”

BOY LONDON Eagle-Motif Shell Bomber Jacket

BOY LONDON Eagle-Motif Shell Bomber Jacket

Hard not to be indignant as did Ettore, our reader, looking at the daughter or any other guy wearing a sweater like that, with references clear to the third Reich. Boy London UK Store, Boy eagle waterproof anorak. The photo of one of the models of Boy London seems to us really difficult to interpret differently and just as difficult to digest. (Follow after photo)

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Needless to comment on a choice of the genus by the company of Barletta: at a time when not only ideologies that we hoped to be buried come back afloat, those who peddle symbols of death and oppression for fashion are condemned by themselves.

It may be interesting, Boy London UK Shop, Womens T-shirts | Ladies Tees. however, to note that protests such as those of our reader were also born on the “Mother brand”, the London company that always on the Eagle had based its own line.

That had been forced to explain “Boy London rejects any association with the Simoi Nazi (the capital is of the same London company). Boy London Cap UK. The logo was inspired by the Imperial Roman Eagle and is a symbol of decay and strength. Its goal is to provide power to people, not oppress them. ”

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At the justification of its position, the London Boy London points out that the eagle used looks to the right, while the Nazi one looks from the opposite side. Boy London Nazi. A matter of points of view, in short, it would be almost ridiculous if it did not rest its bases on a dramatic issue. (Follow after photo)

It is the same Boy London of London (sorry for the pun) to make this: “You pay attention to a line of Italian clothing that has appeared on the market for some years, canada goose uk, identified on social as” Boy London Italy “that has nothing to do with boy London “. Crossed right by the Italians?

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canada goose brossard jacket

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