The Space BOY bomber is our favourite piece from the collection.

11 Dec by debenhams

The Space BOY bomber is our favourite piece from the collection.

BOY London was established in 1976 and is one of those labels that has managed to master both the overground and the underground. The distinctive and contemporary design has gathered a cult following and the rebellious aesthetic is both unique and fashion forward. The brand aesthetic is part street, boy london uk, part style innovation and the use of bold and inventive graphics is common throughout the various ranges. The selection of jackets from BOY London features a broad spectrum of designs, from faux-leather hooded jackets through to stretch-jersey branded jackets, eagle emblem bomber jackets and branded baseball and track jackets.

Boy London Star Eagle Artwork on Back Bomber Jacket -BLACK

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If you’ve ever had the feeling that government surveillance is getting a little OTT,you’ll sympathise with the plight of BOY London’s SS17 collection.Anti-establishment since the beginning,the label’s heritage reads like a ‘who’s who’ of fashion and music.Become a part of BOY London’s makeshift army with the Paraglide shell bomber jacket.Ruched sleeves and a classic stand collar frame the essential eagle patch at the back.

Boy London is back again this season with a brand new and refreshing look.

BOY London Black Eagle Paraglide Jacket

BOY London Black Eagle Paraglide Jacket

The Space BOY collection entails a brand new design, taking heavy inspiration from space travel as the name suggests. Their main logo is a close resemblance of the classic and well recognized NASA logo with a fashionable twist. The Space BOY collection includes pieces such as oversized and patched up sweatshirts, classic logo t-shirts and our personal favourite, the patched bomber jacket. Let’s take a closer look at the individual pieces.

The Boy London Space Boy Badge Sweatshirt is an oversized piece with subtle shoulder paneling in navy. This piece feels like a very solid cotton crewneck which will definitely withstand the test of time. boy london uk store. Perhaps the most notable details are the patches you can find all around this sweatshirt. It features a small Space BOY logo patch on the left hand side, a UK flag patch below the left shoulder and an oversized patch at the back. This piece is available in both black and white.

The Space BOY collection entails two brand new styles of t-shirts, the Space Boy Badge T-shirt and the Space Boy Logo T-Shirt. The badge t-shirt, boy london bomber jacket the name states, features a logo patch at the left chest and an oversized screen printed logo at the back. The logo t-shirt skips out on the front patch and instead features the same screen printed oversized patch on the front centre of the shirt. Both of these shirts are relaxed-fit and are constructed from 100% cotton.

The Space BOY bomber is our favourite piece from the collection.

This jacket is the piece that ties the whole theme together. The Space BOY lightweight bomber jacket features a logo patch on the front left and a UK flag patch below the right shoulder, boy london bomber jacket. shirt, sweater, beanie, sweatshirt, women leggings skirt, and vest. similar to the sweatshirt. The oversized BOY patch is located on the back. This bomber features a black zipper opening down the centre front of the jacket with a snap-fastened flap at the bottom which covers the zipper pull. Two flap pockets with snap buttons can be found on both sides of the jacket with an additional black zipper pocket on the sleeve. The “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” zipper pull tag on the sleeve pocket is the last bit of detail which truly gives this piece the Space BOY feel. The Space BOY bomber jacket is available in both black and white.

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